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Senior Drupal Developer with React JS experience, since 2007.

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Senior Drupal Developer – Muhammad Asim Dewan
Senior Drupal Developer – Muhammad Asim Dewan

I am a full-stack developer and have Trello, GIT Hub experience as well.

I have added React Js as front end as well and backend for PHP, if you need websites in new technology.

I am personally a native Drupal developer with Core PHP OOP programming practical coding experience of about 10 years. I have developed a lot of custom modules in Drupal as well in this time frame. I have developed numerous websites in Drupal since then including E-commerce (Online Stores), University sites, Sports, Business, Personal, Fashion websites, and many more using the commerce module and Ubercart module.

I have worked on Drupal 5, Drupal 6, Drupal 7, 8, and Drupal 9, so I will do any type of work on your Drupal website any Drupal version.

Overview of my skills:

  1. React JS
  2. Drupal Custom Modules Development
  3. Linux Server Handling
  4. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  5. CiviCRM
  6. APIs Handling
  7. Payment Methods like PayPal, 2checkout, Stripe Payment,
  8. CURL
  9. Drupal Custom Themes Development
  10. Core PHP Object Oriented Programming (OOP) like Inheritance, Data Abstraction, Encapsulation, and Polymorphism.
  11. Linux Server Management using SSH shell commands
  12. Data Scrapping/ Data Grabbing
  13. Managing Drupal files, directories & databases on Linux/Unix Servers
  14. Data Scrapping/Grabbing
  15. Front End Designing including XHTML/HTML/CSS using bootstrap technology in order to develop responsive website layouts.
  16. Strong jQuery coding command and experience in order to do implement AJAX functionality, form validation, custom sliders, and many more.
  17. In-depth database command on MySQL in order to deal with any type of complex/simple database relations queries writing and tables management.
  18. Awesome debugging/troubleshooting skills in order to ensure quality end product for our customers.

I can develop full websites for you in DRUPAL 9 as well including design & development.

Overview of DRUPAL work I can do for you:

  • Developing complete website in Drupal including development & design.
  • Photoshop designing and converting PSD to Drupal theme.
  • Developing custom modules to enhance new features in your Drupal website.
  • Adding new functionality on your Drupal website using different modules.
  • Fixing any type of Drupal issues on your Drupal website.
  • Solving any issue on any Drupal version website.
  • Theme, Layout & Structure tasks in existing Drupal websites.
  • Module, Technical & Server Related tasks.
  • Responsive/Bootstrap, Mobile Layout work.
  • SSL Installation.
  • Many more…

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Skype : m.asim.dewan

Best Regards,

Muhammad Asim Dewan,

Senior Drupal Developer.