Rules of Hiring An SEO Company

There are three rules you should follow and keep in mind while you hire an SEO company. In other words you can say that, you should consider the following tips while you hire an SEO company.


Keywords list

You should have prepared and finalized your keywords list. The list of all search terms or phrases for what you are looking your website to be on top of GOOGLE search results.

If you have not prepared your keywords list, ask the SEO company to do it for you. Explain all depths of your business, limitations, scope, budget everything. When SEO company have finalized effected keywords list which will boost your website organic traffic, have a deep eye on it.

Analyze current status for keywords

After you have gotten the keywords list for your website, check all keywords current position on GOOGLE search results (SERPs). Just go to and type for a keyword and hit the search button. Find out on which page your website is currently for that related keyword.

Note down the search positions for all of your keywords. After you hire an SEO company, after few 2-3 month(s) contract, re-check the position of your keywords. If you feel your keywords are going better in search results rankings of GOOGLE, continue the contract for ongoing month(s) for that SEO agency, otherwise eliminate the contract.

Insist on consistent and accountable reporting every month

Before you going to sign a contract with the SEO company, insist on consistent and accountable reporting every month for all of your keywords or search terms. Weekly reporting can also be asked.

Reporting can also be in the form of GOOGLE search results screenshots or excel file.

Finally, do very polite, active and professional communication with your SEO company. Ask in depth questions about how they will implement the SEO action plan. What method they will use for Google rankings.

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