GUARANTEED RANK your Website On Google Page #1


Your website will be surely take place on Google Page #1 when visitors search for things you offer on your website.

All work will be done manually to rank your keywords. Contact us to rank your keyword to google page # 1.


We will perform Top Notch & complete SEO Action Plan for your website.

  • 200+ On-Page SEO Factors to be worked on your website. On-Page Optimization behaves like oxygen for Guaranteed Rankings On Google.
  • Geographical Optimization of your keywords in specific countries, states, towns, cities or within a given radius from your real business/store location.
  • Desired Targeted advertising: Globally Or Locally
  • Niche based visitors to convince that will become your life time customers.

Some of Keywords that we already ranked on Google Page #1

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***Various Factors Affecting In Guaranteed #1 Ranking***

Convincing Visitors To Your Website
For the sake of convincing new organic visitors to your website, multiplying your product sales, getting your customers phone calls or maintaining good online reputation for your website/business , our Platinum SEO Package will definitely help you.

Meet with your customers globally
You will definitely access your desired audience on relevant websites all over the world. Variety of options let you focus by website type or audience nature at different time span.

Advertising business both locally & globally
Focus your Campaign to reach your customers in specific countries, states, towns, cities or within a mentioned circular radius from your real business/store point.

Niche Based Audience
Your business/brand gets attention by visitors on Google literally when they’re looking for the things that you offer to the world.


The very first phase of our SEO technique, that we take as grounding of SEO is as follows:

★ Comprehensive SEO Action Plan – We will perform complete SEO action plan for your website or business. Complete SEO action covers all aspects that are so significant and value able to judge the current status of optimization of your website.

★ Top Notch Technical SEO Audit – In technical SEO audit, we will manipulate a technical SEO audit of your website that will cover every technical flaw that might be occurring at your website. Few of optimization bugs and aspects we will keep eye at as part of the technical SEO audit which sums up as : 301 redirects, 404 or page not found bugs, xml sitemap error, internal sitemap content duplication, hidden broken links and many more we find and fix!

★ Top Notch SEO Keyword Research – When we explore your website or business niche, we make in-depth keyword research that suits your business or website nature. We recommend those keywords that will gather you targeted and desired audience/visitors for your website. This act as main role to increase your site sale or leads.

★ Top Notch SEO Keyword Selection – As we already performed in-depth keyword research, now in this phase we make best suited keywords for each of your website page accordingly. This will categorize different keywords for different site pages that will summaries targeted customers for that relevant website page.

★ Top Notch Content Recommendations – By studying each page of your website will analyze the content worth and quality. Quality content leads to quality visitors to attract for those targeted keywords from that specific web page. We will recommend addition of new unique content as well to boost site traffic on different site pages. This will automatically increase worth of overall site as well.

★ Top Notch 200+ On Site SEO Factors – Based on years of our experience, we found there are 200+ on-site SEO factors that effecting the website existence and reputation on search engines. Title Tags, Meta Tag Descriptions, H1 Tags and Image Alt Tags for each website page. We will recommend a brand new XML sitemap as well and explore URL structure of your website too.

★ Top Notch Design & Development Modifications – We have in-house team of designs & developers as well that help us lot to work for your website design, layout and development related modifications if needed for SEO.

★ Top Notch & Dedicated SEO Specialist – When you become our SEO prospect, you will receive a dedicated SEO Specialist from our top notch SEO team. Your dedicated SEO Specialist will be the one who actually performing all of the work only on YOUR site.

What makes The Instant Solutions different from other SEO companies?

We Know Google Algorithms by their Roots & Follow Google’s webmaster guidelines
We know Google planet as we providing services to our clients since so many years. We always keen to read, follow, implement, practice and keep deep eye on every latest Google algorithmic updates and follow Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Google Hummingbird started about August 30, 2013
Google’s Penguin Update launched in April 2012
Google’s Panda Update introduced in February 2011

We have rock solid command and expertise on all these updates in sense of how to implement SEO strategies that follow the rules and regulations of all Google updates.

Top Notch In-House SEO Team
We have all of our team members seated together In-House under one roof. We have In-house based SEO team. So we all work together that produce quality SEO results for our long term SEO prospects as well where we are managing their businesses on yearly basis.

Top Notch Results Oriented Search Engine Optimization
We deliver proven results oriented SEO services. We give out of the box output to our SEO prospects. As top notch SEO team, we deliver results what we promise. We do all work manually, so you get genuine, organic traffic. We do not use software or robots. We use our mind and skills to provide you promised results. We perform Results Oriented SEO.

Awesome SEO Pricing Plans
Considering guaranteed and proven results we deliver, our SEO Plans & Pricing are also the world’s cheap packages as we know the significance of long term relationship with our customers than money. Click here to see our pricing plans.

Top Notch, Safe & White Hat SEO
Our SEO team always focus to inject interesting and numerous ideas about how to make more enhancements in SEO approach to make crystal clear WHITE HAT SEO.

We totally and 100% use optimization strategies, concepts, tactics and techniques that fully focus on a human audience and to be pure natural to search engines and completely follow search engine rules and regulations that leads to safe & White Hat SEO.

Top Notch Relationship
We are unique in making committed relationship with our SEO prospects. Our SEO agency make all of our clients happy as always. We meet our promised commitment to our clients on top priority that leads to strong relationship with our SEO clients. Therefore they work yearly basis with us because they are so inspired by our SEO services and commitments.

Top Notch Communication
As communication is so valuable and important to success in digital marketing, we always communicate well, fast and reply to our clients without wasting a minute. We are always get in touch with our clients. Our SEO teams work in different time zone so we be with our clients whenever they ping us.

FAQs (Pleas Read Carefully)

1- Do you accept newly born websites?
Yes, we accept newly born website as well. Website Age doesn’t matter to us.

2- What SEO technique you will use?
We only & only follow Google Algorithms and their updated Google webmaster guidelines to rank on page one on Google.

3- How many keywords you can accept?
In this service we accept 9 Targeted Keywords on Google Page #1 (Monthly Plan). We also offer 12, 20 and 30 Targeted Keywords packages.

4- Do you need website back-end access?
Yes we need front end admin access and back-end FTP,SFTP, Cpanel or SSH access for your website. We need your website Google analytics and webmaster tool access too.

5- How much duration will be required?
There are many factors that effecting time span to be ranked on first page on Google. For each keyword we will make in-depth keyword analysis which counts keyword difficulty , keyword competitor analysis. At the beginning , we need 3 to 4 weeks to make testing and to judge your targeted keywords. Based on the that analyzes we will provide a definite time span for keyword ranking on first page on Google.

6- Is your SEO technique still works after Penguin, Hummingbird, Panda & Fred update?
Our strategy is awesome as it is not effected by any Google update because Google webmaster guideline remains the same for every update only few modification are made in algorithm that we deeply take care of. As we said above our method is Google webmaster guidelines only. Fred update is recently released by Google on 7/8 march 2017.

7- Can you rank keywords for Or
We do not have any problems in ranking on or You just let us know your desired ranking search engine platform/extension and we will do that.

8- How much long my site will stay GOOGLE Page One?
It will be there on Google page # 1 for as long as it takes for competitors to overtake it. So it completely depends on competing websites. In fact, we will be happy to maintain the rank for you for a monthly fee which will be decided later on.

9- Can you work on any penalized site?
Yes, please contact before placing an order.

10- Do you do WHITE HAT SEO?
Yes. Definitely. We implement all SEO strategies and techniques that 100% follow the rules and regulations of Google policies. We do not use any robotic software or spamming tools. We do all of the MANUAL work to rank your website #1 on Google.

Extras to your order

Starte – Guaranteed Rank your website on Page #1 on Google (9 Target Keywords t for $175

Bronze – Guaranteed Rank your website on Page #1 on Google (15 Target Keywords t for $424

Silver – Guaranteed Rank your website on Page #1 on Google (20 Target Keywords t for $524

Gold – Guaranteed Rank your website on Page #1 on Google (30 Target Keywords tot for $674

Platinum – Guaranteed Rank your website on Page #1 on Google (50 Target Keywords for $1074

Order Now –  To Get Your Keyword Ranked