GMB Listing & Ranking Service

Google my business mostly abbreviated as GMB, is a very vital FREE service offered by Google in order to improve your local business over the internet. For example, if you have a local grocery store where folks visit your shop physically at your address. Then, Google allows you to make Google my business listing (GMB) for your local business shop on Google. GMB Listing & Ranking Service is what you need mainly.

On this GMB listing, you can put all of your business information like business name, address, category, phone, service area, or any website (if you have any). Once your location is live on Google maps, Google will generate a unique URL or a page for your business listing. It will have all of the information regarding your business.

Once you have all this setup, you can share your listing with your friends, community, groups and can use your link for the sake of marketing purposes so you can enhance your leads, clients, prospects, or customers near your business area.

Here is an overview of GMB listing benefits:


Google My Business Listing Generates Leads

Everyone who needs a service like a handyman, plumbing, electrician, or any other category, they look for Google searches. Google searches have been improved a lot in the last few decades as it has risen by over 500% with the term “near me.” In other words, customers check out shops in their local areas, whether it is a supermarket, a cloth market, a furniture shop, or an electronics plaza. People most of the time search those places on Google and hence they have been shown calculated search results listing in front of them, based on their search query.


The searched results list can be displayed based on their nearest location. The search results will contain the listings of business owners who have listed their business listing online on Google maps.

That’s why it is very important to create a Google my business listing. If you don’t have a Google my business listing and your competitors have it, then they will get more customers than you.

It is a digital era and if you make digital marketing a part of your business marketing strategy, you will start getting leads and generate more sales as well. You can increase your ROI in this way. People who have Google my business listings will get 80% more benefits than those who don’t have Google my business listing.

Google is a massive search engine and can provide you millions of daily visitors on your GMB listing. Imagine how much reach you can get for your business just by creating a Google my business listing. More audience means more customers which leads you to get more sales and revenue.

GMB Listing & Ranking Service . Local SEO
GMB Listing & Ranking Service

How you can list your business on Google? OR

How you can make your own Google My Business Listing (GMB)


Now it’s time to put your business online on Google maps. We have about a decade of experience in digital marketing, local SEO, and social media marketing. We can help you a great deal in order to establish a professional and trustworthy business listing that will drive you to expedite the process of growing your business graph online.

Our created GMB listings will help your business to get more customers, visitors, and clients online in a few days.

What we need from you:

  • Name: we need a business name which will help the costumers to search for you on Google
  • Address: we need an address of your local business or shop
  • Phone number: we need your business phone number, so it’ll be easy for customers to contact you directly from the listing.
  • Category
  • Hours of operation: we need opening and close hours of your business
  • Email: we need your business email address
  • Website: if any
  • Profile image
  • Logo
  • Business description

Why you should choose us


Full verified listing

There are a bunch of people who provide you services of google my business but they don’t provide a full verified listing. Verifying your google my business is an important and crucial part. Verified listing means you prove that it’s your listing so that no one can claim your business listing. So that’s why you need to verify your listing and we will do that for you.

Make routine updates on listing

The job isn’t done by just creating a Google my business listing. There are a lot of things that need to do on daily basis like posting new sub-category details using unique and highly SEO-optimized content posts, replying to customer reviews, adding questions & answers, and see the insights of graphs.

There are many other hidden actions that we will implement on a regular basis so your listing remains active and keep on getting more customers for your business.

Listing Optimization (Local SEO)

By just creating a Google my business listing doesn’t mean your listing will come at the top of the search results. Getting a top position in the search result is a very important aspect because most of the people prefer top listed service providers. So in order to get more customers, your listing should be on the top 3 search results and we can do that easily for you. We have an experienced and professional team that can bring your listing on top.

What we will do


SEO optimized content

We have an in-house article writers team who will write genuine, unique, SEO-optimized, plagiarism-free, and targeted keywords optimized content on regular basis. We will choose various keywords to write those articles which will be published on your listing. There are many benefits to posting unique content posts by targeting different keywords related to your business niche.


We will create and make live 350+ USA/UK/AUS/CANDA citations for your business listing. Citations will help a great deal to put your listing on the top of search results on Google. These will help to increase the trust of your business in eyes of Google.

Google maps point listing

Point listings are another very important team player to get listings on top in order to get higher rankings. We will create thousands of point listings for your business name, category, phone, keywords, description, etc.


The more value able reviews yours have on your listing, the more trust you have from your customers. We will put more 5 star reviews on your listing which will help to achieve a higher ranking on searches for your business-related keywords.

Q/A Section

Questions and answers are also very vital to make your business trustworthy for online customers. We will add a few questions and answers related to your business model.


Once you will provide us more unique, high-quality resolution HD photos, videos from your local store (shop), we will publish it on your listing. Photos and videos separately will get more views from Google as those get more attention from the visitors.


GMB Ranking Package Details

(Results Oriented Service)


Whatsapp: +923107668088

GMBs listing ranking costs

We have deeply analyzed things as what type of work we do like citations, reviews, content writing, posting, Google maps point listings, whatever we do, is all upon us.

We will rank your keywords and give you the traffic. Your main goal to do all this is to get traffic, and we will provide you traffic. We can provide traffic by ranking keywords on top of Google, like the top of 3, etc.

So we will charge you based on how many keywords we have ranked on top. The pricing of keywords ranked on top spots will be based on its positioning.

Here is the overview of the pricing of keywords ranking.

Keyword(s) Position Price per month/keyword
# 1 spot ranking $250
# 2 spot ranking $200
# 3 spot ranking $150
# 4 spot ranking $100
# 5 spot ranking $50


  • We will not charge you any fixed monthly fee for our SEO ranking services. It will be all based upon the progress, outcomes, results-oriented.
  • As many keywords ranked on top positions, you will get as much traffic.
  • As many keywords we have to rank on top positions, we have to work hard for those.
  • We both will be fit in these contract terms.
  • For example, if there are 2 keywords on #1 spot, cost becomes 2×250=$500, if 3 keywords as well on #2 spot, cost becomes 3×200=$600, so for that month total cost becomes $500+$600=$1100. But think how much traffic and business you get from such high positions.


If one keyword is on the #1 spot, you paying $250

If one keyword is on the #2 spot, you paying $200

If one keyword is on the #3 spot, you paying $150

                             Total per month: $600+$100 for articles = $700 total for top 3 keywords ranked.

  • On the 29th date of every month, we will give you a report for how many keywords, which keywords are ranked on which spots/positions. We will send you an invoice based on those keywords ranking. You have to pay on the 1st date of every month. Results-oriented service.
  • You keep getting traffic, we keep getting paid.
  • You just need to pay only $100/month fixed for CONTENT WRITING COST. We will post a minimum of 50 articles at this cost on your one GMB.

Any modifications/suggestions are welcome.