Fred! Knocking At Your Door as Latest Google Algorithm Update

Hello, hello! Knocking at your door.

Who are you?   I am Fred! Google latest algorithm update. Nice to meet you 🙂

It is officially confirmed from Google for the Fred update on  7/8 march 2017 by Gary Illyes.

At very important discussion at SMX West, Gary Illyes might have confirmed the Fred algorithm update that deeply emphasis on low value content on your websites or blogs.

Gary Illyes spoke about the Fred update already mentioned in the Google webmaster headlines. When asked for which point number from the Google webmaster headlines, the answer was ambiguous or unclear you can say. But major discussion by Gary Illyes deeply focused that the sites which are affected by Fred update are those which violates the Google webmaster headlines.

I personally noticed many sites that instantly affected by Fred update on 7/8 march 2017 which using low value content, that is true. Sites which have come to screw by this update are using ADS just for the sake of generating revenue or income you would say. Those sites are not providing valuable or useful content for the site users. Most of the content I analyse is just irrelevant for visitors. Other aspect can be that the content is not of enough quality.

My answer is , you can find the details from Google webmaster headlines if you read them carefully and implement them on your website/blog to achieve better results.

To summaries, Fred update is about ‘Quality Enhancer update’. Fred update insists webmasters to improve the quality of the content on your websites/blogs.

If your website affected by this update, please contact us so we can help you.